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Why The Hell Is There A Duck There?

A Disturbing Duckie PicOkay... so you got here because you clicked on that little duck at the top of the page. Good for you! You can click links! In all seriousness, though, I've decided to dedicate a page on my site to my desk duckies for no other reason than the fact my co-worker joked and asked me if I was going to. So, yes... you can blame this all on Bear.

Now... I recognize that I do have far too many ducks for any sane man. But I don't mind this fact, as I can't really pretend that I'm all completely 'right' in the head. Right? Although I now only have perhaps 30 or so duckies (and otherwise) on my desk, I think I deserve a little bit of the finger-circling 'round the ear treatment.

(Last update: 04.19.13 -- 939 ducks, +29 "Do They Count?" ducks)